Northfield Uni-Point Radial Arm Saw

A radial arm saw is one of the most versatile saws in a wood shop, and the Northfield Uni=Point is considered by many the best of the radial arm saws

While intended mostly for cross cutting the saw is capable of ripping, miters, compound miters and more. The Uni-Point can cross cut boards up to 25” wide and make ripping cuts up to 31” in width. It can handle a 1 9/16” dado blade. The Uni-Point is so named for its unique protractor system that offers what is called “One Point Cutting.” No matter what angle the head is set to, the blade crosses the fence at the same point. This, coupled with other features such as hardened roller ways and heavy duty cast iron throughout are just a few of the reasons so many consider this saw superior. Northfield has been continuously producing machinery for over 85 years and this saw reflects the skills in design and manufacture they have evolved over those years. Making a cut with this saw brings home the degree to which Northfield has combined power and precision in providing the ultimate in radial saw design.