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“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.”

John Ruskin


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Holtzapffel No. 1636 Rose Engine Lathe with Drilling Frame

Holtzapffel No. 1636 Rose Engine lathe from 1838 with a drilling frame using a Puffy 6 rosette to do ornamental turning. This was the best of three of these lathes made at that time by Holtzapffel and was the most expensive lathe they ever produced and their finest

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Holtzapffel No. 2410 Ornamental Turning Lathe

Holtzapffel No. 2410 ornamental turning lathe with Oval (Elliptical) chuck turning Red Mallee with a universal cutting frame.

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Holtzapffel No. 2195 Ornamental Turning Lathe with Reciprocator

Holtzapffel Ornamental Turning Lathe with a reciprocator and Universal Cutting Frame. The pattern is put all the way around and then phased 180 degrees and cut on top of the first cut to produce spikes.