Fall Gathering 2023

The Plumier Foundation 2023 Featuring Complex Turning

About this Event

The Plumier Foundation Fall Gathering 2023 which will be an in person meeting introducing the Plumier Foundation to the world of ornamental turners and others interested in the art form or the foundation.

Fall Gathering 2023: October 27-29

Cost: $600

The Plumier Foundation Fall Gathering 2023 will be an in person meeting for the purpose of education in ornamental turning as well as exchanging ideas and networking. Presentations will be combined with hands-on demonstrations on both our antique and modern equipment with ample time in between for exploration and socialization. The meeting will open on the afternoon of Friday, October 27 with registration and go through mid-day Sunday, October 29. The shop will be open for exploration on Friday afternoon and the meeting will kick off at 6:00 with a short lecture and a mixer to follow. The cost of the event will be $600 and will include refreshments on Friday evening, a light lunch on Saturday along with an evening meal on Saturday which will be served off site; otherwise, the entire gathering will be at the Plumier Foundation, 33 New Broad Street, Port Chester, NY 10573.

Once again this year we’ll have a mixture of demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on instruction mixed with a good bit of time for interaction in between. The Gathering will Friafeature Seth Gould, Philip Peck, Phil Poirier, and Frank Dorion, along with the regular Plumier team, including our interns.

Seth Gould is a blacksmith and well known to many of us. He’ll introduce himself by giving a presentation on his body of work. We asked Seth to collaborate with us on the screwdriver sets because his curves, forms, and transitions are beyond exceptional, so we will have him also do a presentation that focuses on design. He will also demonstrate a Japanese inlay technique called “Nunome Zogan,” a technique he applies with near perfection.

Philip Peck, a goldsmith who also makes watches, will give a presentation explaining the processes we all go through in the creation of objects and art. Philip will bring to the surface the pathways our minds take us as we pursue beauty. With this lecture, which will be profusely illustrated, he’ll bring to the surface of consciousness things we do innately. Incidentally, Philip Peck is the person who first taught me rose engine turning.

Phil Poirier, who will have just completed another batch of geometric chucks, will present marrying the modern and old technology in a way that maintains the mystique and beauty of the Victorian-type machinery while speeding up the process and taking away some of the tedium. To many Phil is known for being the genius behind Bonny Doon tools; however, he is also an accomplished enamellist and engine turner as well as ornamental turner.

At this point a Fall Gathering wouldn’t feel right without a demonstration by Frank Dorion. This year he’ll show us how to do “Curling,” a process John Jacob Holtzapffel developed using Water of Ayr stone to finish brass. Curling produces that beautiful finish on brass for which Holtzapffel tools are famous that holds up well over time and hides scratches. It’s described in Holtzapffel Volume III; however, Frank will show us a more practical method of reaching the same results. We’ll follow with the lectures with pieces of brass on which you can practice with some coaching.

Date And Time

Fri, 27  Oct 2023, 15:00 –

Sun, 29  Oct 2023, 12:00 EDT


The Plumier Foundation

33 New Broad Street


Port Chester, NY 10573