Bridgeport Mill

Bridgeport Milling Machine—The Bridgeport vertical milling machine has been immensely popular with small and large machine shops in both the USA and England. Introduced in its basic “Series 1” form with the “M” head in 1938, it very quickly revolutionized light to medium milling operations.
Our modern version is a much more capable machine than the original “M” head version, being both larger and more powerful than its ancestor. Over the years, improvements in design and the introduction of an amazing array of accessories have continually increased the Bridgeport milling machine’s versatility and kept it appealing to metal workers everywhere. Although it is now manufactured offshore, it is still being produced today. The Foundation’s machine was purchased from its original owner and has had only very light use. It features a 9”x48” table and a 2 HP variable speed head. It was made in the USA.