We are a collective of like-minded students, protectors and practitioners of ornamental turning.

We pursue our craft at a level first practiced in The Renaissance, when Kings, queens and nobles used the lathe to create masterpieces. Even turning out ordinary objects, their work was at a level thought to emulate God’s creative actions. They naturally believed that abiding by such standards would make them better rulers.

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If you have highly developed skills we have exceptional equipment for you to extend yourself on. Think of a month to six month visiting master role balancing your own work with some teaching days.

“The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy them.”

John Ruskin

Inspirations and Their Sources

The better things in life always seem to have a story. A well-appointed house has walls that bear the stories of a lifetime. Gifts from friends and stories of vacations begin to replace what were once simply colorful decorations, and as the stories of a lifetime evolve, they are recorded on the walls.

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